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Welcome to our store. You can buy your uresta® Starter Kit or replacement below.

The uresta® bladder support Starter Kit

The first time you use uresta®, you will need to use the Starter Kit to find the right size for you. The uresta® bladder support Starter Kit includes the three most common sizes (remember size doesn’t necessarily correlate to the size of your vagina). If you need a size larger or a size smaller, you can contact us and we’ll send it to you at no charge.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the results from your uresta® Starter Kit, we will give you your money back - full refund option within 30 days of purchase, extended to 60 days if you trial the size 2 or 6 option.

To find out how to pay for Uresta in 3 monthly instalments - call 00441923237795

The uresta® bladder support yearly replacement

We recommend replacing your uresta® every year30.

Zero VAT Rated Options Available

Before purchasing Uresta please read the Zero VAT Rating Claim conditions.

Please Note: You MUST be a UK Citizen to claim Zero VAT Rating, and you will be asked to provide a valid eSignature upon purchase.